California Will Teach High School Students About Workers’ Rights, Including Workplace Safety

According to a report from The Hustle, California legislators have passed a new law requiring all high schools to teach students about workers’ rights. Workplace safety is a big part of the new standards. Here, our Fresno workers’ compensation attorney provides a more detailed overview of the new law and explains the basic workers’ comp rights that employees have in California

Education Standards: Workers’ Rights for High School Students in California

California has mandated a “Workplace Readiness Week” in public high schools to educate juniors and seniors about their employee rights. This annual April event will cover labor law essentials such as employee classification, wage and hour rights, workplace safety regulations, and workerscompensation claims. All public schools in the state will be required to participate in Workplace Readiness Week, including public charter schools. 

An Overview of Your Workers’ Comp Claim Rights in California

In California, all employers are required to provide fault-free workerscompensation insurance coverage to their employees, including part-time workers, seasonal workers, and minors. An employee who was hurt on the job does not have to prove that an employer was negligent in order to qualify for benefits. Here are key things to understand about your workers’ comp rights: 

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