Report: Controversy Over Nurse Cardiac Arrest Workers’ Comp Denial

According to a report from NBC 4 Los Angeles, the workerscompensation claim of a nurse who suffered a catastrophic injury after her co-workers failed to perform CPR for more than seven minutes has been denied. It is a sad story and it generated controversy. Andrea Morris endured a near-death experience that left her a quadriplegic. She has racked up millions in medical bills and healthcare costs since the 2020 incident. Here, our Fresno workers’ compensation attorney provides a more detailed overview of this tragic case.

Nurse Left a Quadriplegic Cardiac Arrest on Job in 2020

Andrea Morris, a dedicated nurse and single mother, suffered a terrible, life-threatening sudden cardiac arrest while working at the City of Hope cancer infusion center in San Bernardino County, California in May of 2020. The incident happened during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. She reported earlier in the day that she had concerns that she may have contracted the virus. However, unfortunately, her condition was far more serious.

The incident left Ms. Morris a quadriplegic. A quadriplegic is an individual who has paralysis affecting all four limbs and the torso, typically resulting from injury or illness affecting the spinal cord. It is a catastrophic condition that significantly limits physical ability, often requiring comprehensive assistance for daily activities and personal care. The costs can add up quickly.

Co-workers (Medical Professionals) Failed to Perform Immediate CPR

Alarmingly, the co-workers of Ms. Morris, who were themselves medical professionals, failed to perform emergency CPR on her for seven minutes after the cardiac arrest started. Reports indicate that her nursing supervisor, Karen Serna, recorded the emergency on her cell phone rather than providing direct emergency aid. Supervisors and co-workers misidentified Ms. Morris’s cardiac arrest symptoms as a seizure. They failed to perform CPR or use a nearby defibrillator. 

Report: Family’s Workers Compensation Claim has Been Denied

As reported by NBC 4 Los Angeles, the family members of Andrea Morris are helping her navigate another serious challenge: Her workerscompensation claim has been denied. Her family is “appalled” by the denial of her workers’ comp benefits and its pleading with the employer to step up and do what is right. Due to the extreme severity of her injuries, Ms. Morris requires round-the-clock medical care. Her total expenses exceed $200,000 per year. No details were provided as to exactly why the claim was denied. Though, an appeal has been filed to challenge the workers’ comp denial and litigation in the case is still ongoing.

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