How Can a Fresno Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help Me After a Workplace Accident?

Were you hurt on the job in the San Joaquin Valley region of California? It is imperative that you have access to the financial compensation that you need to cover medical costs, pay bills, and support your family.  A workers’ comp lawyer can make the difference—helping you navigate the process, get justice, and secure full and fair benefits. In this article, you will find an overview of six key ways that a Fresno workers’ compensation attorney can help after an on-the-job accident

  1. Explain Your Rights and Responsibilities Under the Law

Workers’ comp claims are complicated. It is normal to have a lot of questions about the steps you need to take after an accident. A Fresno, CA workers’ comp lawyer can help you understand your rights and responsibilities during every stage of the process. 

  • Help You With Workers’ Comp Paperwork

Most employees in California are not familiar with workers’ comp paperwork. A Fresno work injury attorney can help you ensure that you get all the paperwork filled out the right way. Even a seemingly small error could lead to the delay, underpayment, or denial of your benefits

  • Gather Relevant Information About Your Claim

You will need evidence to support your workers’ comp claim. In most cases, the most important evidence is your medical records. Though, other evidence may be relevant as well. A Fresno workers’ comp lawyer can help you gather and prepare all of the relevant information. 

  • Protect You Against Unlawful Retaliation By an Employer

California law is clear. You have the right to report a work injury and file for workers’ comp benefits. An employer cannot take any adverse action against you in retaliation for doing so. If you are fired or otherwise punished for filing a claim, a Fresno workers’ comp retaliation attorney can help. 

Unfortunately, some injured workers struggle to get access to the full and complete workers’ comp benefits that they deserve. You have a right to challenge a denial. If you believe that your workerscompensation claim was rejected on unfair grounds, contact a Fresno workers’ comp appeal attorney for immediate assistance with your case. 

Finally, a Fresno, CA workerscompensation attorney can help you explore all other potential avenues to financial compensation. Depending on the nature of your case, you may have an additional legal claim against a negligent third party. You could also possibly have a serious and willful misconduct claim if your employer violated a federal or state workplace safety regulation. A lawyer will help you maximize your compensation

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