OSHA Cites Amazon for Warehouse Safety Violations and Failure to Report Work Injuries 

According to reporting from ABC30 News – KFSN Fresno, Amazon—one of California’s largest employers—has been cited for serious workplace safety violations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). On December 16th, 2022, OSHA announced 14 different safety violations by Amazon related to its warehouses. The investigation is still ongoing. Here, our Fresno workers’ comp attorney discusses the workplace safety citations issued against the company. 

An Overview of the Safety Violations Issued Against Amazon By OSHA

Over the last several years, Amazon has dramatically expanded its workforce. It hired a large number of new delivery personnel and warehouse workers. Unfortunately, there have been serious questions raised about workplace safety conditions in Amazon’s distribution facilities (warehouses). Indeed, earlier this year, studies were released showing that Amazon warehouse workers were twice as likely to be hurt on the job than warehouse workers at competing companies. Now, OSHA has cited Amazon for 14 different safety violations. 

The violations in question are related to various federal workplace safety record-keeping requirements. There are allegations that a number of different Amazon distribution facilities fail to properly record and report record injuries and illnesses. It is imperative that all employers abide by their duties to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for their employees, including ensuring that accidents are well-recorded and adequately reported. 

Warehouse Workers Face Many Common Injury Risks on the Job

In an economy that is increasingly driven by e-commerce, warehouse workers and other logistics workers are extremely important. Unfortunately, warehouse workers are at risk of various injuries due to the physically demanding nature of their work. Some of the most common injuries for warehouse workers include:

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders: These are injuries that affect the muscles, bones, and joints, and are often caused by repetitive motions or lifting heavy objects.
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls: Warehouses can be cluttered and chaotic, which can increase the risk of falls.
  • Overexertion Injuries: Working long hours and performing physical labor can lead to fatigue and overexertion.
  • Cuts and Lacerations: Handling sharp objects or machinery can result in cuts and lacerations.

A Large New Amazon Warehouse Facility Recently Opened in Fresno, CA

The workplace safety conditions in Amazon warehouses are especially notable for workers in our region. As reported by the Fresno Bee, the e-commerce giant recently opened up a massive new warehouse facility in our region. Known as a “last-mile” facility and designed to provide fast shipping to the local area, the Fresno facility is located near the intersection of Olive Avenue and Clovis Avenue in the northeastern section of the city. Amazon has promised that the facility will bring new jobs to our region. It is crucial that any new jobs are safe jobs. 

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