Three Tips to Help Keep Your Workers’ Compensation Claim on Track

Were you hurt on the job in Fresno County? You deserve compensation to cover medical costs and lost income. Pursuant to state law, businesses operating in Fresno Countyhave a legal responsibility to provide their employees with workers’ comp coverage (California Labor Code § 3700).

Unfortunately, some people run into struggles within the workerscompensation claims process. In this article, our Fresno work injury attorney highlights three actionable steps that you can take to help keep your workerscompensation claim on the right track. 

  1. Get Medical Attention and Attend Follow-Up Appointments 

If you were hurt on the job in Fresno, you should seek immediate attention from a qualified physician. Do not assume that your injury or illness is “not bad enough” for professional medical attention. In California, you have a basic legal right to see a doctor after a job-related injury. To bring a workers’ comp claim, an injured worker must see a doctor. If you do not get professional medical attention, you will not be eligible to get benefits. You can help you keep your workerscompensation claim on the right track by getting follow-up care. 

  • Stay Organized: Keep Good Records  

Filing for workerscompensation benefits can be a complicated process. At times, it can even be overwhelming trying to seek the full and fair benefits that you are rightfully due under California law. One of the best tips to keep your workers’ comp claim on the right track is staying organized. Try to keep good records. Among other things, you should create and preserve the following: 

  • Notes regarding any discussions you had with people about your workers’ comp claim
  • Notes regarding the development and impact of your injury, illness, or medical condition; 
  • Copies of all medical reports that have been created related to your care; 
  • Pay stubs and time sheets for the dates that you worked and the time you missed; and
  • Recipients for certain compensable out-of-pocket costs (medication, travel, etc). 
  • Be Proactive: Consult With a Lawyer When You Run Into Problems  

With workerscompensation claims, it is essential that you are ready to take proactive measures to protect your rights should you run into any problems. If your claim is delayed, denied, or you have otherwise run into an issue, consult with an experienced Fresno, CA workerscompensation attorney right away. Your lawyer will have the knowledge and resources to answer your questions and determine the right course of action to get you the full benefits you deserve. 

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