WCAB Rules No Need to Authenticate Documents Without Genuine Question

Recently, the California WorkersCompensation Appeals Board (WCAB) ruled in favor of an employee in the case of Ifonia Gelin, Applicant v. Bear Flag Marketing  Corporation, and Pegasus, Administered by Corvel  Corporation. The Board determined that California workers’ comp laws do not require authentication of the documents provided by the parties unless there is a genuine dispute regarding authenticity. In this article, our Fresno workers’ comp lawyer provides a more in-depth overview of the decision from the WCAB

Case Review: Ifonia Gelin, Applicant v. Bear Flag Marketing  Corporation, and Pegasus, Administered by Corvel  Corporation

Background and Facts

The applicant in this case was employed by the respondent as a caregiver. In 2014, she sustained serious head, neck, back, and shoulder injuries while on the job. She filed for workerscompensation benefits and a dispute eventually arose over the matter. The employee was awarded workers’ comp benefits. Notably, the outcome of the workers’ comp centered around whether more weight should have been given to the applicant (worker) testimony or the counter-exhibits produced by the defendant (employer). 

The Legal Issue

A workerscompensation judge (WCJ) agreed that the applicant was entitled to workers’ comp benefits. However, the WCJ also determined that the documents presented by the parties in the case should have been formally authenticated. A procedural question was raised over when authentication documents are required in a California workers’ comp claim.

The Decision

On review, the California WorkersCompensation Appeals Board (WCAB) determined that formal authentication of documents provided in workers’ comp cases is not required as a matter of law. Instead, an authentication of the documents is only necessary in cases where there is a genuine dispute over whether or not the document in question is a forgery or has been altered. 

Proper Organization Helps You Navigate the Workers’ Comp Claims Process 

If you were injured on the job in Fresno County, you have the right to file for workerscompensation benefits. Workers’ comp benefits in California are paid on a no-fault basis—meaning you are not required to prove that your employer was negligent or in violation of a workplace safety regulation to get your benefits. That being said, injured workers can run into delays, disputes, and denials in the workers’ comp claim process for many different reasons. You can put yourself in the best position to get your full and proper benefits by getting organized. Make sure you have all of the  relevant documents, records, and information to provide to your attorney

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