California Workers’ Comp Claims: Your Rights if Your Employer is Uninsured

Workers’ comp insurance provides much needed financial protection to people hurt at work. By law, your employer is required to pay for your workerscompensation insurance California Labor Code § 3700). Unfortunately, not all businesses and organizations in Fresno County comply with the law

This raises an important question: What options do injured workers have if their employer is uninsuredHere, our Fresno workers’ comp attorney answers the question by providing an overview of your rights if your employer is uninsured in violation of California law

You Can Claim Benefits Through the Uninsured Employers Benefit Trust Fund (UEBTF)

California has stiff legal penalties for employers that fail to obtain workerscompensation coverage, including the potential for civil and criminal sanctions. Nonetheless, a significant share of employers still fail to get the proper workers’ comp coverage for their staff members. As frustrating as it can be for an injured worker to find out their employer is uninsured, there are options available. 

California operates an Uninsured Employers Benefit Trust Fund (UEBTF). This fund was created by the state in order to ensure that an injured worker is not the party liable for bearing the cost of their employer’s failure to follow the law. In effect, you can file a workers’ comp claim directly through the UEBTF to seek the financial benefits you deserve. 

How to File an UEBTF Claim in California (Special Rules) 

If you or your loved one was injured while working for an improperly uninsured employer in California, there are some specialized rules that you need to follow to file a claim for benefits through the UEBTF. Here are three key steps to take when filing an uninsured employer claim

In effect, the SNOL initiates the workers’ comp claims process for uninsured employers. It will notify your employer, notify California regulators, and join the UEBTF as a party in your case. You can be paid directly by the UEBTF for your benefits. You may also be entitled to financial compensation (potentially a greater amount of compensation) through a civil lawsuit against your employer. A Fresno work injury lawyer can help you navigate the legal process. 

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