California Workers’ Compensation Claims: What to Know About Cumulative Trauma Injuries

In California, employers are required to provide no-fault workers’ comp insurance benefits to their staff. A worker who is hurt on the job is entitled to get coverage for all reasonably necessary medical care and for partial wages. UnderCalifornia Labor Code section 3208.1, an injury may be specific or cumulative. 

A cumulative injury is one that has no single cause, but that occurs due to “repetitive mentally or physically traumatic activities extending over a period of time.” Here, our Fresno workers’ comp lawyer provides a brief guide to repetitive stress injuries and workers’ comp claims in California.  

What is a Cumulative Trauma Injury?

A specific injury is one that results from a single incident. For example, a worker who falls from a ladder and then breaks a bone has suffered a specific injury. There is a clear cause and a distinct accident. In contrast, a cumulative trauma injury has no single cause. These injuries are also called repetitive stress injuries. Some of the most common examples of cumulative trauma injuries include: 

As the name suggests, the injuries tend to occur because an employee’s body is forced to endure repeated stress. For instance, imagine that a construction worker is required to bend down and lift heavy objects day-after-day for many years. Over time, that work may develop a serious lower back pain. That cumulative trauma is covered by workerscompensation

Cumulative Trauma Claims in California: Two Challenges for Workers

While California law clearly states that cumulative trauma injuries are covered by workerscompensation insurance, injured employees sometimes face challenges in getting their benefits paid. Here are the two main issues that you might run into when filing a cumulative trauma workers’ comp claim in California

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