Five Steps to Take if You are Injured in the Job in California

Every employee deserves a safe workplace. Sadly, job-related injuries and illnesses remain a serious issue in our region. According to data from the California Department of Industrial Relations, nearly 500,000 people were hurt at work in the state in 2019. Workers’ comp is designed to protect people hurt on the job.

Here, our Fresno workers’ comp lawyer highlights five key steps you should take after a workplace accident in California

  1. Get Any Necessary Emergency Medical Care 

Nothing comes before emergency medical needs. Anyone who suffers a severe injury on the job needs immediate medical attention. The most important thing is to make sure that you get the emergency treatment that you need. 

Note: You cannot recover workerscompensation benefits if you do not get medical treatment

  • Make Sure Your Supervisor or Employer is Notified 

Once things have stabilized, it is imperative that you officially notify your supervisor/employer. Under California state law, injured workers have a legal obligation to report their accident to their company or organization within 30 days. Written notice is always recommended. Failure to tell your employer in a timely manner could prevent you from obtaining benefits

When you get medical treatment—either emergency care or non-emergency care—make sure that your physicians are aware that your injury is work-related. Workers’ comp insurance covers all medical care related to your on-the-job injury. By telling your doctor that you were hurt at work, you will be in a better position to navigate the claims

Notifying your employer and telling your doctor is not the same thing as submitting a workerscompensation claim. You should receive a claims form from your employer. You are responsible for filling out part of the form and your employer is responsible for filling out other parts. If you are having trouble getting access to the right workers’ comp claims form or if you have questions about filling it out, do not hesitate to contact an attorney

  • Be Ready to Take Immediate Action if You Run Into Problems

While California’s workers’ comp insurance provides no-fault benefits to people hurt on the job, it is not always easy to get your claim paid. If you run into any issues—whether your claim has been denied or you simply have questions about the process—you should reach out to an experienced workers’ comp attorney for immediate assistance. You have the right to file an appeal if your work injury claim is denied. 

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