How Long Does it Take on Average to Get Workers’ Comp Benefits in California

Unfortunately, workplace injuries and accidents continue to happen far too frequently. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that 1.1 million workers take time off annually to recover from a job-related injury or occupational disease. Workerscompensation insurance exists to help ensure that employers have financial protection and security after an accident

You may be wondering: How long does it typically take to get workers’ comp benefits in CaliforniaThe answer depends on many factors. Many claims are processed relatively quickly, but delays are possible. Here, our Fresno work injury lawyer explains the most important things to know about how long it typically takes to get workerscompensation benefits in California

Initial Medical Coverage Should Be Authorized Right Away (Up to $10,000)

Medical coverage is a key component of workers’ comp insurance benefits in California. Under state law, injured workers are entitled to coverage for all medical care and rehabilitative services deemed reasonable and necessary. The initial workers’ comp medical coverage kicks in very quickly in California. In fact, an employer is required to ensure that up to $10,000 in medical coverage is authorized within 24 hours of the date you submitted your workers’ comp claim. In other words, California state workers’ comp regulations hold that $10,000 in medical benefits must be authorized even before the actual workers’ comp claim is accepted or denied. 

Temporary Disability Benefits Typically Take Two to Four Weeks

Missed paychecks can be a significant financial burden for workers and their families. Another central component of workerscompensation coverage is temporary disability benefits or “TD” benefits. As a general rule, injured workers can get up to two-thirds of the value of the pre-tax wages for the days that they are forced to take off to recover from their injury/illness. On average, TD benefits take between two weeks and four weeks to start arriving in California. Though, it can certainly take far longer if a claim is denied. 

Every Workers’ Comp Claim is Different (Speed of the Process Can Vary) 

Ultimately, every workers’ comp claim in California involves its own unique set of facts and circumstances. How long it will take you to get through the process depends on several factors, including the severity of your injuries. If you suffered a severe injury that left you with a permanent disability, it will certainly take you longer to get your full workers’ comp settlement. Here are the two things that you do after a work accident to ensure that the process goes as fast as possible: 

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