Returning to Work After an Accident in Fresno: The Three Main Paths and Your Rights as a Worker 

Accidents happen in the workplace. The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) reports that 161,860 workers missed time on the job due to work-related injuries or illnesses in 2020 alone. Workerscompensation insurance coverage helps to ensure that people who were hurt on the job have the financial resources that they need to pay for medical care and support their families.  

After going on workers’ comp, most people want to get back to the job as soon as it is healthy for them to do so. There are specialized rules and procedures in place to help ensure a safe and fair return for injured workers. Here, our Fresno workers’ compensation attorney highlights the key things to know about the process of returning to the job after receiving workers’ comp benefits

Understanding the Three Main Paths to Return to the Job After Workers’ Comp in California

If you are preparing to return to work at your same employer, it is crucial that you understand your rights and responsibilities under California law. Here are the three different paths that a return to the same employer can take after a workers comp claim in Fresno

Your Return to Work Must Be Safe (Treating Physical Plays a Role)

Returning to work after a workerscompensation claim in California requires careful planning and attention to physical safety. Employers and employees must work together to ensure a safe and smooth transition back to work. To be clear, your employer does not have full control over this process. Your health, safety, and medical needs matter. Your treating physician will play a key part in the process of determining whether or not you are physically ready to return to the job

Get Immediate Legal Help From a Fresno WorkersCompensation Lawyer

Returning to work after a serious job-related injury or illness can be complicated. If you have questions about your rights, responsibilities, and options, you are not alone. Joseph C. Yrulegui is an experienced workers’ comp lawyer who helps injured workers navigate complex legal matters. To set up a strictly confidential consultation, please contact our firmtoday. Our workers’ comp lawyer represents claimants/plaintiffs in Fresno and throughout the wider region.