California Workers’ Comp and Temporary Disability Benefits: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Work injuries and illnesses remain a serious safety concern. According to data from the State of California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), 645,409 first-reports-of-injury (FROIs) were filed in the state in 2020 alone. Employees in California are protected by workerscompensation insurance coverage. If you are forced to miss time at work due to a job-related injury/illness, you can file for temporary total disability (TTD) benefits. In this article, our Fresno workers’ comp lawyer provides answers to five frequently asked questions (FAQS) about temporary disability benefits in California.

  1. What are Temporary Disability Benefits?

Temporary disability benefits are effectively wage replacement benefits. When you file a workers’ comp claim in California, you will receive coverage for all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. If you are forced to miss time at work to recover from your injuries, you will always receive compensation for temporary disability

There are two types of temporary disability benefits in California

It depends primarily on your income before your job-related injury or occupational diseases. In California, temporary total disability benefits are calculated at two-thirds of an applicant’s average weekly wage before the injury. There are minimum and maximum statutory benefits. A high-wage worker may not actually get two-thirds of their pre-injury earnings. Likewise, a low-wage worker may actually get more than two-thirds of their pre-injury earnings. 

Your temporary disability benefits will stop when you return to work. These benefits are meant as a form of wage replacement. However, there is a maximum duration of benefits. In general, temporary disability benefits are limited to 104 weeks (two years) in California

No. Temporary disability benefits are not taxable income in the State of California. You do not have to pay state or federal taxes on TTD benefits or TPD benefits. These disability benefits are a form of tax-free compensation for injured workers

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